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....bits of  art in the more visual forms....photos and such.....after all...life is an art...
Light Should Be Heard Not Seen  Light: The Ally and Nemesis of the photographer  Look at any picture that is of interest to you or maybe you want to be of interest to someone else and ask yourself how many times you’ve said or wanted to say “What does this picture say to you”?  Yes the picture is speaking to us isn’t it and what we hear from the picture is mostly due to light.  Ask any photographer to tell you what “noise” does for or to a picture.  They will tell you that light is probably the most important element for taking a “good” picture and that the “noise” is an essential element of how the picture will eventually speak to us – sometimes even in our dreams.  Look at even the most elementary how to books on photography and you will see that nearly all of the camera adjustments have to do with controlling the light; aperture – adjusting the size of the lens to allow the required amount of light to enter the camera, shutter speed – controlling how fast the light will pass through the lens, white balance – controlling the temperature of the light and of course the flash – to direct the light to where the photographer wants it to hit the subject.  So the next time you look at a picture, remember, it’s the light that is speaking to you, even from within the shadows
It says so much...yet leaves everything to the imagination.....photos allow us to write our own story.....
specter 3D “I am not strange..I am just not normal.” - Salvador Dali Salvador Dali was inspired by metaphysics, particularly nuclear mysticism and cubism and he certainly was not one to be confined to a particular way of looking at things. Nuclear mysticism is now referred to as quantum mysticism, a philosophical interpretation of quantum mechanics. It tries to explain the phenomena of consciousness; the actual versus the reality.   Metaphysics is one of the most important braches of philosophy; trying to answer questions about the nature of reality and we all know Dali had his own reality. Plato was intrigued by metaphysics as well and pondered the curious puzzle of mirrors; why do they reverse right to left but not top to bottom. Dali certainly explored alternative views in his art.  “Everything alters me, but nothing changes me.” - Salvador Dali
Native Americans regard art as a necessary element to life and not as an adornment. Art, beauty and spirituality are intertwined and many of their paintings serve a higher purpose; honoring a deity or allegiance to a particular tribe. To the Indians all things were connected; nature was not something that was separate from them it was a part of them; every tree every animal which is often reflected in their art. Native American paints were made form naturally occurring mineral pigments. Black colors were taken from lignite, graphite and charcoal, red from hematite and blues from copper or soladmite.
Art is not Optional
“Certain things catch your eye but pursue only those that capture your heart.” - American Indian Proverb 
(drawing by Zack Vigdor)